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  The Chehalis Valley
 Amateur Radio Society
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      ARRL special service club

Electronics Workshop - March 28, 2024

Time & Location:

  1. Advanced SMD Test Tweezers
  2. CVARS "Checking Antennas" Preview
  3. T41-EP Software Defined Transceiver

  4. Potpourri

Advanced SMD Test Tweezers:
  1. "Practical Electronics":
  2. "Silicon Chip":
CVARS "Checking Antennas" Preview:
  1. "The ARRL Antenna Book for Radio Communications," 23rd Edition, 2018
T41-EP Software Defined Transceiver:
  1. March 7, 2024 Video Presentation:
  3. GitHub:
  4. Amazon Book Listing for "Software Defined Radio Transceiver:
    Theory and Construction of the T41-EP Amateur Radio SDT"
  5. "T41-EP Assembly Guide," by Jack Purdum & Al Peter
  6. T41-EP Kit Listing at Four State QRP Group:
  7. QDX - Digital Transceiver Kit Listing at QRP Labs:
  8. sBitx HF SDR Transceiver:
  9. Peter Marks' review of sBitx:


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