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Electronics Workshop - July 27, 2023

Time & Location:

  1. RF Exposure Report
  2. Transistor Tester
  3. Fuses
  4. Potpourri

RF Exposure Report:
  1. YouTube Video:
  2. ARRL RF Exposure Web Page:
  3. ARRL RF Exposyre Calculator Instructions:
  4. ARRL RF Exposure Calculator:
  5. "FCC Exposure Rules Soon to Affect Every US Radio Amateur," Gregory Lapin, QST, May 2023, pages 64-66:
  6. "Understanding the Changes to the FCC RF xposure Rules," Ed Hare, QST, September 2021, pages 60-62:

Transistor Tester:
  1. Andreas Spiess: “433 - How Transistor Testers Work and How to Use them?” YouTube Video:
  2. Mirko Pavleski: "DIY Super Simple Electronic Component Tester":
  3. Karl-Heinz Kubbeler: "Transistor Tester with AVR Microcontrller (Version 1.13k)":

  1. HAM Radio A2Z "Don't Buy These Fuses!" YouTube Video:
  2. HAM Radio A2Z "Bad Fuses Part-2" YouTube Video:
  3. Littlefuse ATOF Blade Fuses Data Sheet:
  4. Eaton Bussman Series ATC Blade Fuses Data Sheet:


  1. USA Call Signs:
  2. FCC Notification of a Silent Key:

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