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Electronics Workshop - April 27, 2023

Time & Location:

  1. Illuminated Light Switch
  2. USB Interface for Transceivers
  3. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
  4. Pure vs Modified Sine Wave Inverters
  5. QSL Cards
  6. Potpourri

Illuminated Light Switch:
  1. Hot Resistance vs Cold Resistance for incandescent light bulbs:
  2. "Neon NE-2 Circuits You Can Build," by Lewis Loflin
USB Interface for Transceivers:
  1. "USB Interface for Transceivers," by Anthony Le Cren, pg 30-31, QST, April 2023
  2. QST-in-Depth:
  3. Anthony Le Cren's Radio Projects page:
Sealed Lead Acid Batteries:
  1. "CSB Battery Product Manual":
  2. “How to Maintain and Care for Your SLA Battery”:
  3. “How to Charge a Lead Acid Battery”:
  4. “Sealed Lead Acid Battery Recovery”:
  5. “Da Pimp 2 Assembly Instructions”:
  6. Da Pimp 2 Project files on GitHub:
Pure vs Modified Sine Wave Inverters:
  1. "Pure Sine Wave VS. Modified Sine Wave Inverters - What's The Difference":
QSL Cards:
  1. Microsoft Word QSL Template File:


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