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 Amateur Radio Society
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      ARRL special service club

Electronics Workshop - February 23, 2023

Time & Location:

  1. DC Fundamentals
  2. Doublet Antenna
  3. LED Light Bulb
  4. Triplexer/Bandpass Filters
  5. Potpourri

Doublet Antenna:
  1. "What is a Doublet Antenna":
  2. "G5RV Multiband Ham Radio Antenna":

Addressable LEDs:
  1. "Guide for WS2812B Addressable RGB LED Strip with Arduino":
  2. Amazon Search:
Adjustable Buck/Boost Voltage Regulator:
  1. "DIY Ryobi Powered Bench Power Supply":
  2. The Unit Bill Demonstrated:
  3. Drok Buck Boost Converter page on Amazon:

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