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 Amateur Radio Society
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Electronics Workshop - January 26, 2023

Time & Location:

  1. TYT TH-350 TriBand FM Handheld Transceiver
  2. ATS25 max All Band Receiver
  3. Triplexer and Bandpass Filters
  4. Potpourri

TYT TH-350 TriBand FM Handheld Transceiver:
  1. TYT Product Page:
  2. R&L Electronics:
ATS25 max All Band Receiver:
  1. Review of ATS-25 and several firmware versions:
  2. R&L Electronics:
Triplexer and Bandpass Filters:
  1. "HF Yagi Triplexer Especially for ARRL Field Day" Gary Gordon, K6KV, QST, June 2010, pg. 37-40
  2. "The NVARC 'Ugly' Filter Project":
  3. “Clean Up Your Signals with Band Pass Filters,” E. Wetherhold, W3NQN, QST May 1998, pp. 44-51 and June 1998 pp. 39-42
  4. K7MEM Air-Core Inductor Design:
  5. "About Duplexers":


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