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Electronics Workshop - October 27, 2022

Time & Location:

  1. LED Series Resistor
  2. Si4732 Broadcast AM/FM/SW/LW/RDS Radio
  3. Ferrites
  4. Azimuthal Map - Part 2
  5. Potpourri

LED Series Resistor:
  1. "Kirchhoff's circuit laws":
  2. Adafruit's "All About LEDs":
  3. "Resistor Guide : Resistor Values":
Si4732 Broadcast AM/FM/SW/LW/RDS Radio
  1. "Si4732 Full Band Radio Receiver, Speaker and Antenna DIY Kit":
  2. Skyworks short Si4732-A10 Data Sheet:
  3. mircemk's "DIY Si4732 LW,MW,SW,SSB Radio with 2.8 inch touch screen" on HACKADAY.IO:
  4. Si4732 Receiver Kit:
  5. Skyworks "Si47xx Evaluation Board User's Guide":
  1. H. Ward Silver's "All About Ferrite" in Nuts and Volts archive:
  2. Ferrite Manufacturers:
  3. Balun Designs (Baluns, Ununs, and kits):
  4. The qrptech discussion group on has a "Toroid Ferrite Mix" topic:
Azimuthal Map - Part 2
  1. Great Circle Maps by SM3GS:

Measuring SWR:
  1. Lewis McCoy "The Monimatch" (QST October 1956 pg 11-14)
  2. Lewis McCoy "The Monimatch Mark II" (QST February 1957 pg 38-39)
  3. Lewis McCoy "The Millimatch" (QST August 1967 pg 44-46)
  4. "More Notes on Directional Couplers for HF - the Monimatch":
  5. "A Modern Directional Power/SWR Meter":

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