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Electronics Workshop - June 30, 2022

Time & Location:

  1. Repeater Duplexers
  2. Sziklai Transistor Pair - LED Light Detector
  3. Resonant Circuit
  4. Potpourri

Repeater Duplexers:
  1. "Understanding Antenna Duplexers":
  2. "Understanding, Maintaining & Re-Tuning Antenna Duplexers":
  3. Telewave's "Cavity Tuning":
  4. Repeater Builder's "Diplexers, Duplexers, Cavities, Theory, and More...":
  5. "About Duplexers":
Sziklai Transistor Pair – LED Light Detector
  1. Electronics Notes: "Sziklai Pair":
  2. Circuit Cellar: "Darlington vs. Sziklai Pair":
  3. Nuts and Volts: "The Transistor Compound Pair":
  4. Analog Devices: "LED As Light Sensor":
  5. Instructables Circuits: "LEDs As Light Sensors":
  6. Make: Magazine: "How to Use LEDs to Detect Light":
Resonant Circuit
  1. Loren Moline on Facebook "Electronics Theory and Circuit Design":
  2. "About NanoVNA":

Detecting Presence of Mains Voltage:
  1. "How to detect mains voltage with a microcontroller?":
  2. "Operating DC Relays from AC and Vice-Versa":

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