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Electronics Workshop - March 31, 2022

Time & Location:
  1. LED Voltage Level Detector
  2. QRM Eliminator
  3. GPS
  4. Potpourri
LED Voltage Level Detector:
  1. Uses diodes and LEDs:
  2. "Voltage Level Indicator Circuit using IC LM339":
QRM Eliminator:
  1. "Receiver Noise Canceller" overview article with a circuit schematic:
    and an .flv format video showing the canceller in action:
  2. "Does a Noise Canceller Really Work?"
  3. Commercial noise canceller comparison:
  4. Noise canceller survey article:
  5. G8JNJ Noise Canceller survey article:
  6. Product web sites:
  1. VisualGPSView:
  2. BktTimeSync:

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