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Electronics Workshop - November 18, 2021

Time & Location:

  1. Light-Emitting Diodes
  2. Solar-Terrestrial Data
  3. Potpourri
    • Pi-hole® – Network-wide ad blocking via your own Linux hardware

Light-Emitting Diodes:
  1. Learn About Electronics "Light Emitting Diodes" 
  2. Jameco "LED Battery Level Indicator" 
  3. Adafruit "All About LEDs" 

Solar-Terrestrial Data:
  1. Paul Herrman, N0NHB, has 19 Solar-Terrestrial Data banners available at 
  2. A glossary of terms for the data in the Solar banners is at 
  3. A table linking the content in the Solar-Terresstrial Data banners to HF/VHF Propagation conditions can be found by going to and scrolling down to the "Where can I find information on the data provided in the banner?" bullet item.
  4. Another space weather website is 
  5. K7RA weekly Solar Update posted Fridays on Look in the "Latest News" window for the latest "The K7RS Solar Update" posting.
  6. has links to a number of propagation articles.
  7. Find the article "What The Numbers Mean, and Propagation Predictions -- a brief introduction to propagation and the major factors affecting it" at 
  8. Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA, has a website devolted to Amateur Radio Propagation. check it out at .
  9. Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program (VOACAP) provides HF propagation predictions and is available at: 

  1. Pi-hole overview: 
  2. Pi-hole documentation: 
  3. Pi-hole prerequisites: 

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