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Electronics Workshop - July 29, 2021

Time & Location:

  1. Solar Cell Systems
  2. Testing 50-Ohm Dummy Loads
  3. Potpourri

Solar Cell Systems:
  1. PowerFilm Solar article: "How to Solar Power Your Ham Radio:"
  2. "A Radio Amateur's Guide to Solar Panels:"
  3. Bioenno Power LiFePO4 Batteries, Solar Cells and Charge Controllers:
  4. Solar Kit Set Up:
Testing 50-Ohm Dummy Loads:
  1. Electro-Resales Test Equipment:
  2. Electro-Resales 50-Ohm, QRP (12 Watt) Dummy Load User Guide (includes a schematic):
  3. Electro-Resales 50-Ohm, 50 Watt Dummy Load User Guide:
  4. "How Do I Know If My Dummy Load Is Working?"
  5. "Notes on the Heathkit HN-31 Cantenna"
  6. "9 Brilliant Ideas to Make Your Own Dummy Load:"
  1. Radio Wave Properties: Electric and Magnetic Dipole Antennae:

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