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Electronics Workshop - April 29, 2021

Time & Location:

  1. How a Digital Multimeter Works
  2. Handheld Dummy Load and Output Tester
  3. RF Probe/Power Meter
  4. MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2021
  5. Potpourri

How a Digital Multimeter Works:
  1. "How a Digital Multimeter Works"article
Handheld Dummy Load and Output Tester:
  1. "An Easy Handheld Dummy Load and Output Tester," William Rynone, WB2EIQ;
    Hints & Hacks Column, QST December 2020, pg 52.
RF Probe/Power Meter:
  1. "N5ESE's Classic RF Probe"article
  2. "N5ESE's Ballpoint RF Probe"article
MicroHAMS Digital Conference 2021:
  1. MicroHAMS 2021 YouTube Channel
  2. FreeDV Amateur Digital Voice:
  3. Rig-In-Box article in Northern California DX Foundation newletter:
  4. APRS:
  5. NW Digital Radio Packet Workstation:

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