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Electronics Workshop - March 25, 2021

Time & Location:

  1. Digital Multimeter Frequency Response
  2. 1.5V/9V Battery Tester
  3. Transistor Tester
  4. Common Emitter Transistor Amplifier
  5. Potpourri

Digital Multimeters:
  1. Cen-Tech (Harbor Freight) Manual: 
  2. Fluke 21 Multimeter Manual: 
  3. What is true RMS?: 
  4. RMS Voltage for sine and Square Waves: 
  5. True RMS Converter (Wikipedia): 
Bipolar Transistors:
  1. Bipolar Transistor Tutorial: 
Common Emitter Transistor Amplifier:
  1. NPN Transistor: 
  2. Introduction to the Amplifier: 
  3. Common Emitter Amplifier: 

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