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Electronics Workshop - October 29, 2020

Time & Location:

  1. Balanced Antenna Tuner
  2. Power Tool Batteries

Balanced Antenna Tuner:
  1. “Balanced Antenna Tuner,” Richard Measures (AG6K), QST, February 1990, pg. 28-32
  2. “Antenna System Project – Part 1,” Randy Mather (AJ7B), Ten-Ten International News, July 2020, pg. 16-18
  3. “Antenna System Project – Part 2,” Randy Mather (AJ7B), Ten-Ten International News, October 2020, pg. 21-24
  4. Homebrew Butterfly Capacitor, 
  5. Ten-Ten International Net website is at: 
Power Tool Batteries:
  1. Adam Savage's Soldering Station, 
  2. Found at :
    Q: I’m UK based and the voltages seen a little different; my impact driver is 18V for example, while the local shops sell 54V tools and batteries. ...
    A: ... in the United States DEWALT is able to advertise their tools at the maximum voltage the battery will put out for a fraction of a second when the tool trigger is pulled. ... The battery voltages are nominal 18V and 54V. The rest of the world makes DEWALT note the battery voltage for what it is.
  3. A discussion of power tool batteries at is focused on DeWalt, but has information that is generally applicable.

  1. QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo March 13-14, 2021.
    The August 8 and 9, 2020 Expo talks can be accessed at: 

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