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Electronics Workshop - August 27, 2020

Time & Location:

  1. Sun Clock
  2. Grey Line Radio Propagation
  3. Ununs, Baluns, and Antenna Tuners

Sun Clock:
  1. Sunclock is a Linux application which can be installed on many Linux systems with: "sudo apt-get install sunclock"
  2. Step-by-step instructions for installing sunclock on a RaspberryPi Sunclock are found at 
  3. A web site that displays a "Grey Line Map" refreshed every 5 minutes: 
Grey Line Radio Propagation:
  1. HF propagation: 
  2. Grey line propagation: 
Ununs, Baluns, and Antenna Tuners:
  1. An analysis of several baluns used by hams: 
  2. Another balun discussion: 
  4. Looking at end-fed antennas and ununs: 
  5. Balun/Unun Construction: 
  6. A discussion about antenna tuners: 
  7. Toroid sources:

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