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Electronics Workshop - June 25, 2020

Time & Location:

  1. Chameleon Antenna EMCOMM II
  2. Ham Clock
  3. Raspberry Pi Zero
  4. Portable Antenna Mast Support
  5. Potpourri

Chameleon Antenna:
Ham Clock:
  1. Developer's Ham Clock web page: 
  2. Original proof of QST October 2017 article:  Project used an Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi development board. Can be programmed with the Arduino IDE.
  3. Tom's Hardware at reported on a Raspberry Pi version built by JR2TTS (the2belo) and discussed on at 
Raspberry Pi Zero - USB Dongle::
  1. Setup article: 
  2. YouTube video: 
  3. has links to documentation and sellers: 
  4. Adafruit with links to documentation: (NOTE: During Covid-19 crisis, Adafruit is using Digi-Key for order taking and product shipping)
Raspberry Pi Zero - Pi-holeĀ® DNS Server::

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