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Electronics Workshop - March 28, 2019

Time & Location:

  1. MicroHams Digital Conference
  2. A Digital Volt-Ohm-Meter Interface to Radio Shack Pro-2004 Scanner to Measure Deviation
  3. Seen on the Internet
  4. Stepper Motors

  1. This year's MicroHams Conference presentations:
    • "RAMROD and Ham Radio"
    • "DRAWS - Digital Radio Amateur Work Station"
    • "Mobile Communications for the 21st Century"
    • "RMS Portable Operation"
    • "PNW DMR cBridge and Systems"
    • "GNU Radio"
    • "HamWAN Update"
  2. The wideband AC to DC peak reading converter was found in "Electronics Teach-in 9" from the publishers of "Everyday Practical Electronics"
  3. The AFE7422 is a dual-channel, wideband, RF-sampling analog front end (AFE) based on 14-bit, 9-GSPS DACs and 14-bit, 3-GSPS ADCs. With operation at an RF of up to 6 GHz, this device enables direct RF sampling into the C-band frequency range without the need for additional frequency conversions stages. This improvement in density and flexibility enables high-channel-count, multimission systems.
  4. Woodsmith, April/May 2019 has an article about a homebuilt CNC
  5. Nuts & Volts, January/February 2019 has an article about building an Arduino controlled, 1/2-watt, blue laser pencil etcher
  6. Mike Payne presented "Stepper Motor Basics" with notes

  1. has links to presentation videos and slides (when available) for the yearly conference since 2007
  2. discusses the "Top 10 Fundamental Operational Amplifiers Circuits"
  3. has a description of the AFE7422 dual-channel RF-samplinganalog front end and links to a data sheet and additional information. Current pricing is $1,249.50 each in 100 unit lots!
  4. has CNC router and laser units, kits and information

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