The Chehalis Valley
Amateur Radio Society
A 501(c)(3) Corporation

ARRL special service club

Electronics Workshop - November 30, 2017

Time & Location:

  1. Triplexer & Bandpass Filters
  2. Coils (Inductors) & Q
  3. Antenna Analyzer & VNA

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  4. K7MEM Air-Core Inductor Design,
  5. “Series Resonance Circuit,”
  6. “Parallel Resonance Circuit,”

  7. KN9B Antenna Analyzer,
  8. KN9B Stockton Coupler,
  9. N2PK Vector Network Analyzer (VNA),
  10. KN9B “Inline RF Power/VSWR Meter,”
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  15. Universal SWR Bridge Kit,

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