The Chehalis Valley
Amateur Radio Society
A 501(c)(3) Corporation

ARRL special service club

Electronics Workshop - March 30, 2017

Time & Location:

  1. Signal/Function Generators
  2. FM Deviation
  3. Hands-On Oscilloscopes

Bring (if you have):
  1. Oscilloscope
  2. Audio Signal Generator or Function Generator

  1. Periodic waveform: Frequency = 1/Period; 1 millisecond = 1,000 Hertz
  2. FM modulation index = frequency deviation / modulation frequency
    at modulation index of 2.41, carrier magnitude is 0
  3. FM deviation ratio = max frequency deviation / max modulation frequency

Arduino Signal Generator:
  1. An interesting review of several approaches to Arduino Digital to Analog Conversion:
  2. An Arduino wiki with a large collection of information:
  3. A good study of ways to increase the maximum frequency of an Arduino function generator:
PC Signal Generator:
  1. This site has a free version which is what I used:
FM Deviation:
  1. YouTube “How to Measure FM Deviation without special equipment using Carrier/Bessel Null”:
  2. YouTube “How to measure FM frequency deviation with a spectrum analyzer”:
  3. The importance of deviation for packet, and how to tap the discriminator output of a scanner:
  4. Finding the discriminator output for a number of scanners:

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