CVARS Newsletter – September 2012




                NEXT MONTH’S MEETING

                CVARS WA7UHD Sunday Night Net Controller Schedule


                PRESIDENT'S CORNER

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When:        Wednesday, October 3, 2012

                      6:45 PM Board Meeting

                      7:00 PM Social Time

                      7:30 PM General Meeting and Program

Where:       Lewis County Fire District 5 Administrative Building

                      115 E Washington St; Napavine, WA

                      Southwest corner of Washington & 2nd Ave; parking lot entrance is on 2nd Ave

Program:   Jim Pace - ARRL

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CVARS WA7UHD Sunday Night Net Controller Schedule


The CVARS WA7UHD Net meets Sunday at 8 PM local time on 145.430 MHz –offset 110.9 Hz tone. The net preamble is on the web site under the CVARS Info tab. Net controllers are:


                September       9    – Rita Pratt, KE7YAB

                September    16    – James Van Ornum, AE7TF

                September    23    – Larry Pratt, KE7YAC

                September    30    – James Van Ornum, AE7TF


                October             7    – Phillip Elliot, AE7GO

                October           14    –

                October           21    –

                October           28    – Barbara Southern, KF7ORJ


The Net Controller Schedule can be found on the web site under the CVARS Info tab.

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The board met at 6:53 PM. Present were James Van Ornum, Barbara Southern, Jim Campbell, and Larry Pratt. James remaindered the board that the positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary for 2013 are up for election in November. Also, the positions of Treasurer and 1 At-Large Board Member for 2013-2014 are up for election. The nominating committee, Barbara Southern and Jim Campbell, will announce the nominations at the October meeting. The board adjourned at 6:55 PM.


From 7:15 PM to 7:30 PM, Edna Fund talked about the job of a Lewis County Commissioner, how a commissioner is elected and why she is running for the position from District 1.


James called the general meeting to order at 7:38 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag followed by people introducing themselves. The attendance sheets and CVARS Sunday 8PM Net Controller sheet were passed around.


James highlighted the ham activities on the calendar for August and September (details can be found on the web site. This year’s board election will be for the 1-year term offices of President, Vice-President and Secretary and for the 2-year term offices of Treasurer and one At-Large. The slate of candidates will be announced at the October meeting. Nominations will be accepted from the floor before the election during the November meeting.


James passed along the information about Dick Morrison’s temporary permit to operate an amateur radio station in the Phillipines. Also, the server, maintained by Bill Vodell WA7NWP, is down for maintenance.


The program was a discussion of Digital Communications led by James. This touched on CW, RTTY and PSK31.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 PM. There were 21 people attending.

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73,  James Van Ornum, AE7TF