CVARS Newsletter – July 2012




                NEXT MONTH’S MEETING

                CVARS WA7UHD Sunday Night Net Controller Schedule

                JULY MEETING MINUTES

                PRESIDENT'S CORNER

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When:        Wednesday, August 1, 2012

                      6:45 PM Board Meeting

                      7:00 PM Social Time

                      7:30 PM General Meeting and Program

Where:       Lewis County Fire District 5 Administrative Building

                      115 E Washington St; Napavine, WA

                      Southwest corner of Washington & 2nd Ave; parking lot entrance is on 2nd Ave

Program:   To Be Determined

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CVARS WA7UHD Sunday Night Net Controller Schedule


The CVARS WA7UHD Net meets Sunday at 8 PM local time on 145.430 MHz –offset 110.9 Hz tone. The net preamble is on the web site under the CVARS Info tab. Net controllers are:


                July                      8    – James Van Ornum, AE7TF

                July                    15    – Rite Pratt, KE7YAB

                July                    22    – Barbara Southern, KF7ORJ

                July                    29    – James Van Ornum, AE7TF


                August               5    – Phillip Elliot, AE7GO

                August             12    –

                August             19    –

                August             26    – Barbara Southern, KF7ORJ


The Net Controller Schedule can be found on the web site under the CVARS Info tab.

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James called the board meeting to order at 6:52 PM. Present were James Van Ornum, Barbara Southern, John Ellingson, Jim Campbell, Gary Litteer, and Larry Pratt.


James requested reimbursement of $40 for the Virgil R Lee Community Building for the Christmas dinner. Larry moved, and Jim seconded, a motion to approve the reimbursement. Motion was approved.


James requested reimbursement of $75 for the portable toilet rental for Field Day. Larry moved, and Barbara seconded, a motion to approve the reimbursement. Motion was approved.


James named Jim and Barbara as the nominating committee for the board election coming in November. They should present a slate of candidates for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and one at large Board member at the October meeting.


The board meeting was closed at 7:02 PM.


James called the general meeting to order at 7:25 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag followed by people introducing themselves. The attendance sheets and CVARS Sunday 8PM Net Controller sheet were passed around.


The first item of business was planning for the CVARS Swapmeet to be held on July 28. John Ellingson led the planning; including scheduling setup on Friday evening at 5 PM, setup on Saturday at 7:30 AM, and the swapmeet itself from 9 AM to about 1 PM. Volunteers were given signs to be placed at key spots along the roads.


Next was a summary of an email received from Dick and Linda Morrison, who are in the Philippines for two years.


There was a review of the 2012 Field Day event on June 22 to 24.


Gary Litteer asked the attendees to consider setting up a club station that members could use for training and operating on the air.


Don Russell asked if anyone could help him study for the Technician license test.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:38 PM. There were 21 people attending.

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We are preparing for one of the major CVARS events – the Swapmeet. Besides being an opportunity to sell some of that unused equipment that you’ve collected, or buying that item you just can’t resist, it is a chance to work and have fellowship with other CVARS members and other hams. Participate as much as you can, and I’ll see you there.


73,  James Van Ornum, AE7TF