CVARS Newsletter – March 2012




                APRIL MEETING

                CVARS WA7UHD Sunday Night Net Controller Schedule


                PRESIDENT'S CORNER

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When:        Wednesday, April 4, 2012

                      6:45 PM Board Meeting

                      7:00 PM Social Time

                      7:30 PM General Meeting and Program

Where:       Lewis County Fire District 5 Administrative Building

                      115 E Washington St; Napavine, WA

                      Southwest corner of Washington & 2nd Ave; parking lot entrance is on 2nd Ave

Program:   Sheriff Deputy Kevin Hanson, Lewis County Jail Administrator

                      talking about the importance of radio communication

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CVARS WA7UHD Sunday Night Net Controller Schedule


The CVARS WA7UHD Net meets Sunday at 8 PM local time on 145.430 MHz –offset 110.9 Hz tone. The net preamble is on the web site under the CVARS Info tab. Net controllers are:

                March              11    – Rita Pratt KE7YAB

                March              18    – Larry Pratt KE7YAC

                March              25    –


                April                    1    – James Van Ornum KG4YWD

                April                    8    – Barbara Southern KF7ORJ

                April                  15    –

                April                  22    –

                April                  29    –


The Net Controller Schedule can be found on the web site under the CVARS Info tab.

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James called the board meeting to order at 6:53 PM. Present were James Van Ornum, Barbara Southern, John Ellingson, Jim Campbell, Gary Litteer, and Larry Pratt.


One of tonight’s speakers, Edna Fund, asked that her gasoline allowance be donated to the Centralia Downtown Association – Dr. Matz Building Fund to help pay for the expenses of demolishing the building after it was destroyed by a fire. The board voted to make a donation of $50 to the fund.


The club’s liability annual insurance premium of $250 is due March 22, 2012. James submitted a request for premium quotation with the new ARRL plan underwriter on January 30, 2012, but has received no response. After the meeting, James called the underwriter but they couldn’t find a record of the request. Because of the pending due date for renewing the current policy, James renewed with the previous underwriter. We should try t0 get a premium quotation for the new underwriter again next year.


The board meeting was closed at 7:10 PM.


James called the general meeting to order at 7:30 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag followed by people introducing themselves. The attendance sheets and CVARS Sunday 8PM Net Controller sheet were passed around.


Announcements started with a review of the 2012 calendar, which can be viewed on the web site home page, highlighting events in March. The question of pot-luck or catered for the December Christmas dinner was presented to those in attendance and the response was in favor of pot-luck,


Our first speaker was Edna Fund talking about the Chehalis-Centralia Toastmasters International club that meets weekly at Centralia College. Her talk was both informative and enjoyable.


Dick Morrison then talked about repeaters, how they work and what they look like. Dick mentioned that the CVARS repeater, WA7UHD, does not have battery backup power and if it looses commercial power, the repeater will be off the air. He recommended we consider obtaining batteries.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM. There were 30 people attending.

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73,  James Van Ornum, KG4YWD