CVARS Newsletter – March 2011





    CVARS Sunday Night Net Controller Schedule



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When:    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

         6:45 PM Board Meeting

         7:00 PM Social Time

         7:30 PM General Meeting and Program

Where:   Lewis County Fire District 5 Training Building

         115 E Washington St;  Napavine, WA

         Southwest corner of Washington & 2nd Ave;  parking lot entrance is off 2nd Ave

Program: To be announced.

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CVARS Sunday Night Net Controller Schedule


The CVARS Net meets Sunday at 8 PM local time on 145.430 MHz -offset 110.9 Hz tone. The net preamble is on the web site under the CVARS Info tab. Net controllers are:

    March  6 - James Van Ornum KG4YWD

    March 13 - Linda Morrison K7KFL

    March 20 - Barbara Ashley KE7KEV

    March 27 - Barbara Ashley KE7KEV

    April  3 - James Van Ornum KG4YWD

    April 10 - Larry Pratt KE7YAC

    April 17 - Rita Pratt KE7YAB

    April 24 - Dick Morrison K7KFM

    May    1 - James Van Ornum KG4YWD

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CVARS Board Meeting Wednesday March 2, was called to order at 1845 hours. Present were Dick Morrison, Ken Wages, Jim Campbell, Jim Van Ornum and John Ellingston . 


The by-laws were discussed and will be presented to the membership to be ratified.


There was an insurance quote from Marsh US Consumer.  The question was asked whether CVARS was considered a corporation.  CVARS is a non profit corporation.  Jim Campbell moved to accept the coverage and Dick seconded the motion.  There was still some discussion, and since we have to pay $190 for the fair insurance, it was felt we should have a couple more quotes.  The motion was tabled.  Ken Wages will get more quotes.


A budget was discussed as there is no budget at this time.  Dick made a motion we create a budget and John seconded, the motion passed.


The board meeting was adjourned at 1912 hours.


CVARS general meeting was called to order at 1928 hours.  Jim V passed out copies of the by-laws with the changes the board had approved.  After time was given for them to be read, Doug moved to accept the revised by-laws and Barbara seconded.  The motion passed.


The Communication Academy , Yakima Ham Fest, and the Mike and Key Swap meet were announced and there were sheets on the wall with information. 


There was a request for a class for Extras to be licensed.


Club insurance was discussed and the board is investigating different options.  AARL provides insurance for personal gear.


Field day will be the last weekend in June.  We are joining Centralia at Borst Park.  We are not covered by their insurance.


Guest speaker was Jim Pace, section manager for ARRL.  He told about the state EOC at Camp Murray.  The building is spring loaded to withstand earthquakes.  Primary communications is a phone system, in addition to the phone system they have NAWAS (National Warning System), Access ( A Central Computerized Enforcement System) and when all else fails they have Amateur Radio.  There are nine FEMA districts and we are in district 3.There is a comtrailer capable of all communications.  Jim Pace then explained about AARL, and how it represented amateur radio worldwide.  At the conclusion of Jims talk he awarded a ARRL handbook to our newest ham radio operator, Jerry Fischer, KF7HXN.  Congrats Jerry!!  Several members signed up to become members of ARRL and were given an ARRL Repeater Directory 2010/2011


Bob Majores  provide  great snacks for all to enjoy…Thanks Bob.


Submitted by Dick Morrison (Linda was absent)

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What a great meeting we had last Wednesday! Thanks to Jim Pace for an informative presentation and to those of you who came to the meeting. Jim said a tour of Camp Murray could be arranged on a weekend if we are interested. Let Jeff Mayfield ( or me ( know if you are interested and also if you would help organize the tour.


73,  James Van Ornum, KG4YWD