CVARS Newsletter – November 2010

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When:    Wednesday, December 1, 2010; 6 PM
Where:   Lewis County Fire District 6; 2123 Jackson Hwy; Chehalis, WA
Program: Christmas potluck – families invited
     bring a dish to share, club provides ham and turkey
     everyone bring a place setting (plate, silverware, glass)
     everyone bring an exchange gift of $10 or less
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When:    Wednesday, January 5, 2011
         6:45 PM Board Meeting
         7:00 PM Social Time
         7:30 PM General Meeting and Program
Where:   Lewis County Fire District 5 Training Building
         115 E Washington St
         Napavine, WA
         Southwest corner of Washington & 2nd Ave; parking lot entrance is off 2nd Ave
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CVARS Meeting, November 3, 2010

Jim, KG4YWD, gave a report to the board about the web site and the Yahoo group.

Dick, K7KFM, reported there were no takers for his Tech Class on Tuesdays, and no one showed up for the VE Exam.

Jim, K7YZ, reported that the Fire Station is scheduled by the department and there will not be room for the ham club.  Dick, K7KFM, reported that the Napavine Fire District Building (corner of Washington and 2nd) would be available and Loyanne moved, and it was seconded, that we move the meeting to Napavine.  The motion was carried.  Starting in January, we will meeting in Napavine at 6:45 for the board and the social hour is at 7pm with the meeting following at 7:30.

The nominations for officers are
President :      Jim VanOrnum;
Vice President : Jeff  Mayfield;
Secretary:       Linda Morrison; and
Treasurer:       Sharon Ellingson

John Bertels was not present so Doug, KC7TPK, conducted the meeting.  The General meeting was called to order at  7:30.  There were 19 people in attendance and all introduced themselves.

The nominations were opened to the general meeting.  No additional names were presented and the people nominated by the board were elected by majority vote.

The Christmas Party will be December 1, 6:00 pm, at the Chehalis Fire  Station.  The whole family is invited.  It will be a potluck.  The club will provide the ham (no pun intended) and a turkey.  All persons coming are asked to bring their own plate and utensils, something for the potluck , and a gift for the gift exchange (under $10)

Dick K7KFM, will offer another tech class in January. 

Gary, K7PG, gave a presentation on antennas.  He started his program with the statement that antennas are the last frontier for Hams.  Anything that can conduct electricity can be an antenna, but the complexity comes in trying to make it efficient.  He explained wave lengths and their radiation pattern, explained conductivity and directional effects.  He explained about dipoles and electromagnetic radiation that  continues to move away unless there is interference.  He talked about impedance and resistance.  He spoke of baluns as a way to stop currant from flowing down.  Gary brought x-rays to show the inside of a balun .  We learned and appreciated the time he took to prepare the talk and his sharing his expertise with us.

The meeting was adjourned and Bob Majoros provide us with an excellent snack table.