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 QSO Today Academy 
 Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System (APRS) 
 Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®
 Amateur Radio Information 
 —  On-The-Air Events 
 RF Exposure Report 
 Morse Code & Telegraph Keys 
 —  On-The-Air Code Practice 
 National Traffic System (NTS
 Public Service 
 CVARS Social Media 

Amateur Radio Information
 American Radio Relay League:   licensing, question pools, etc. 
     search for  hamfests & conventions 
     Active Club  Online Primer 
 Anderson Powerpole® Connectors — assembly instructions
  Antenna — PulseLarsen:  "Amateur Antenna Products" 
 Connectors — Molex, PL-259 and Anderson Powerpole connector information
  Heat Shrink Tubing  Sizes Chart 
 Microphone Pinout — Alinco to Astatic radios plus links to other radios
  N1BEC's Solar Power papers:
   — Forward 
   — Solar_1 
   — Pacific Northwest Hamfairs & Events 
   — Western Washington Amateur Radio Licensing Classes, Training Classes & Examination Sessions 
 N0NBH's HF Propagation and Solar-Terrestial Data Website
 PNW DMR —Pacific Northwest Digital Mobil Radio Information pages
 RepeaterBook —North American Repeater Directory.
  Call sign lookup  QRZ  —  ARRL 

On-The-Air Events
 Winter Field Day  - last full weekend in January
 ARRL Field Day  - 4th full weekend in June
 Washington Salmon Run  - 3rd full weekend in September

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