CVARS    K7PG
  The Chehalis Valley
 Amateur Radio Society
A  501(c)(3) Non-profit

     ARRL special service club

CVARS has a library of nearly 40 technical books which are available for loan to CVARS members.

73 Dipole And Long Wire Antennas Edward M Noll 1969 Howard W Sams & Co   1st Antennas
All About Cubical Quad Antennas William I Orr 1959 Radio Publications Inc   1st Antennas
All About Cubical Quad Antennas William I Orr 1959 Radio Publications Inc   2nd Antennas
Allied Electronics Data Handbook Nelson M Cooke 1963 Allied Radio Corp   4th Data
Allied Electronics Data Handbook Eugene Carrington 1966 Allied Radio Corp   5th General
Antenna Roundup CQ Art Seidman 1963 Cowan Publishing Corp Antennas
Antennas And Techniques For Low Band DXing John DeVoldere 1994 ARRL   2nd   # 74 Antennas
ARRL Antenna Book R Dean Straw 1964 ARRL 10th   # 15 Antennas
ARRL Antenna Book R Dean Straw 1994 ARRL 17th   # 15 Antennas
ARRL Antenna Compendium V1 Gerald Hall 1985 ARRL   # 58 Antennas
ARRL Antenna Compendium V2 Gerald Hall 1989 ARRL   1st   # 112 Antennas
ARRL Antenna Compendium V3 Gerald L Jerry Hall 1992 ARRL   1st   # 162 Antennas
ARRL Antenna Compendium V4 R Dean Straw 1995 ARRL   1st   # 192 Antennas
ARRL Antenna Compendium V5 R Dean Straw 1996 ARRL   1st   # 211 Antennas
ARRL Antenna Compendium V6 R Dean Straw 1999 ARRL   1st   # 245 Antennas
ARRL Antenna Compendium V7 R Dean Straw 2002 ARRL   1st   # 283 Antennas
ARRL Electronics Data Book Doug DeMaw 1988 ARRL   2nd   # 94 Antennas
ARRL Handbook For Radio Communications 2006 R Dean Straw 2005 ARRL 83rd   # 6 General
Beam Antenna Handbook William I Orr 1955 Radio Publications Inc   1st Antennas Beam
Electronics Data Handbook William Barden Jr 1986 Radio Shack   1st General
Ham Radio For Dummies Ward Silver 2004 Wiley Publishing Inc General
HF Antenna Collection Erwin David 1991 Radio Society of Great Britain Antennas
HF Antennas For All Locations L A Moxon 1982 Radio Society of Great Britain Antennas
Introduction To Radio Frequency Design
. . . . (software included)
Wes Hayward 1994 ARRL   1st   # 191 General
Lew McCoy On Antennas Lew McCoy 1994 CQ Communications Antennas
Packet: Speed, More speed, And Applications Bob Schetgen 1995 ARRL   1st   # 193 Digital
Physical Design of Yagi Antennas David D Lesson 1992 ARRL   1st   # 151 Antennas
Practical Antenna Handbook Joseph J Carr 1989 Tab Books   1st Antennas
Practical Wire Antennas … John D Heys 1989 Radio Society of Great Britain Antennas
Radio Handbook William I Orr 1967 Editors and Engineers Ltd 17th General
Reflections, Transmission Lines and Antennas M Walter Maxwell 1990 ARRL   1st   # 119 Antennas
RF Transmission Lines:
. . . . Part of Electronic Technology Series #166-8
Alexander Schure 1956 John F Rider, Pub Antennas
The Mobile Manual For Radio Amateurs 1962 ARRL   3rd   # 21 General, Mobile
Transmission Line Transformers Jerry Sevick 1990 ARRL   2nd   # 75 Antennas
Vertical Antenna Classics:
. . . . Best Articles From ARRL Publications
Robert Schetgen 1995 ARRL   1st   # 201 Antennas Vertical
VHF Antenna Handbook Jim Kyle 1965 73 Inc   1st Antennas VHF
W1FD’S Antenna Notebook Doug DeMaw 1987 ARRL   1st   # 73 Antennas
Wire Antennas For Radio Amateurs William I Orr 1972 Radio Publications Inc   1st Antennas
Yagi Antenna Design Dr James L Lawson 1986 ARRL   1st   # 72 Antennas

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