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  The Chehalis Valley
 Amateur Radio Society
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      ARRL special service club


What is POTA?

Parks on the Air® (POTA) started in early 2017 when the ARRL’s National Parks on the Air special event ended. A group of volunteers wanted to continue the fun beyond the one-year event, and thus, POTA was born. The March CVARS meeting will feature several members who participate in POTA. They will showcase the equipment they use and how they use it.

Why the March meeting?

Washington State Parks has two free access days in March:
 1. Billy Frank Junior's Birthday, Saturday, March 9, 2024, and
 2. The State Parks’ 111th Birthday, Tuesday, March 19, 2024.
Perfect for you to get out and try your hand at POTA. Not interested in being an Activator? Then being a Hunter is your calling.

 1. Parks on the Air information: 
 2. Parks on the Air Spots (updated every minute): 
 3. Washington Discover Pass information: 

See you at the March 6, 2024 CVARS meeting
 South parking lot of Immanuel Lutheran Church
 1209 Scheuber Rd N; Centralia, WA

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