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CVARS Newsletter – April 2012




                NEXT MONTH’S MEETING

                CVARS WA7UHD Sunday Night Net Controller Schedule


                PRESIDENT'S CORNER

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When:        Wednesday, May 2, 2012

                      6:45 PM Board Meeting

                      7:00 PM Social Time

                      7:30 PM General Meeting and Program

Where:       Lewis County Fire District 5 Administrative Building

                      115 E Washington St; Napavine, WA

                      Southwest corner of Washington & 2nd Ave; parking lot entrance is on 2nd Ave

Program:   To Be Determined

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CVARS WA7UHD Sunday Night Net Controller Schedule


The CVARS WA7UHD Net meets Sunday at 8 PM local time on 145.430 MHz –offset 110.9 Hz tone. The net preamble is on the web site under the CVARS Info tab. Net controllers are:

                April                    1    – James Van Ornum, AE7TF

                April                    8    – Barbara Southern, KF7ORJ

                April                  15    – Rita Pratt, KE7YAB

                April                  22    – Larry Pratt KE7YAC

                April                  29    –


                May                     6    – Jeff Mayfield, KE7ACE

                May                  13    –

                May                  20    –

                May                  27    –


                June                    3    – James Van Ornum, AE7TF


The Net Controller Schedule can be found on the web site under the CVARS Info tab.

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James called the board meeting to order at 6:46 PM. Present were James Van Ornum, Barbara Southern, Jim Campbell, Gary Litteer, and Larry Pratt.


James presented the CVARS 2011 balance sheet attached at the end of this newsletter. It is a reasonably accurate summary of the club’s income and expenses for last year. Also presented was a budget for 2012 which currently projects a net surplus of $221 for the year.

Our liability insurance was renewed through last year’s underwriter, Marsh US Consumer, because ARRL’s new underwriter lost our request for quotation and we ran out of time to resubmit the request. We should try again next year.


The board meeting was closed at 6:55 PM.


James called the general meeting to order at 7:25 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag followed by people introducing themselves. The attendance sheets and CVARS Sunday 8PM Net Controller sheet were passed around.


Announcements started with a review of the 2012 calendar, which can be viewed on the web site home page, highlighting events in April. There were two license exam sessions held last month and we have some new technician and extra class hams.


A request was made for volunteers to lead a demonstration of Amateur radio at the Youth Fair in May and the ARRL Field Day in June. Chuck Verdon volunteered for Field Day.


Our guest speaker was Deputy Sheriff Kevin Hanson, Lewis County Jail Administrator. He spoke on the importance of communications across agencies, especially in emergency situations. Discussed were differences in phonetic alphabets used by the Sheriff’s department, the New York Police alphabet, and amateur radio operators, the International Telecommunications Union alphabet. Also discussed were differences in voice prologs – the order in which called and calling call signs are spoken.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM. There were 27 people attending.

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73,  James Van Ornum, AE7TF


CVARS 2011 Balance Sheet




   2011 (28 @$15)               $ 420

   Future Prepaid (4 @$15)      $  60

   50/50 Income                 $ 296

Swapmeet at WWA Fairground

   Income              $1044

   Damage Refund       $ 300

   Facility           -$ 286

   Damage Deposit     -$ 300

   Friday Security    -$  50

   Door Prizes        -$ 189

         NET SWAPMEET INCOME    $ 519


       CASH INCOME SUB-TOTAL               $1295



Cash on Hand (1/1/2011)                    $4410


           TOTAL 2011 INCOME               $5705

Cash on Hand (1/1/2012)                    $4946


           NET 2011 EXPENSES               $ 759




Meeting Room Donation           $ 100                3/15/2011 Domain Name           $  13                11/10/2011

WA NonProfit Registration       $  10                3/15/2011

Liability Insurance             $ 250                3/25/2011

Name Tags (8 @ $10)             $  80

Field Day Food/Supplies        

Christmas Dinner Facility       $  60                8/16/2011

Christmas Dinner Meat          

Guest Speaker Gas Mileage      

Repeater Electricity            $  60                12/7/2011

CVARS Banner                    $ 186                12/7/2011


   TOTAL CASH EXPENSES          $ 759




Prepaid Dues           $  60


   Maintenance         $ 100

   Replacement         $ 500


   TOTAL               $ 660

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