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In this section, you'll find timely amateur radio related articles of general interest, that are not CVARS specific. Announcements will be removed after the announced event date has passed, and other articles after they have been on the site for about one week. Send email to the webmaster with articles you would like to see posted here.



Amateur Radio Books for Sale (posted 04/12/2018)
Don McDougall, W6OA,, has many ham books for sale before he lists them on or Craig's List. Contact Don directly if you are interested in any of these:
  1. The ARRL Antenna Compendium Volums 1 thru 7
  2. Antennas and Techniques for Low-Band DXing ON4UN
  3. ARRL - W1FB's Antenna Handbook 1987
  4. The ARRL Electronics Data Book 1988 2nd Edition
  5. Allied Electronics Data Handbook 4th edition 1963
  6. Allied Electronics Data Handbook 5th edition 1966
  7. The ARRL Antenna Book 1964
  8. ARRL Vertical Antenna Classics 1995
  9. Lou McCoy On Antennas W1ICP 3rd edition 2002
  10. RF Transmission Lines - Rider Publication 1956
  11. ARRL The Mobile Manuual for Radio Amateurs 1962
  12. ARRL Yagi Antenna Design 1986
  13. The RSGB G4LQI HF Antenna Collection 1991
  14. CQ Antenna Roundup 1963
  15. The RSGB HF Antennas for all Locations 1982
  16. The RSGB Practical Wire Antennas 1991
  17. Simple, Low-Cost Wire Antennas by W6SAI 1972
  18. Radio Shack Electronics Data Handbook 1986
  19. ARRL Transmission Line Transformers 2nd Edition 1990
  20. ARRL Reflections Transmission Lines and Antennas 1990
  21. ARRL Physical Design of Yagi Antennas 1992
  22. 73 Dipole and Long-Wire Antennas 1969
  23. All About Cubical Quad Antennas First Edition 1959
  24. All About Cubical Quad Antennas Second Edition 1970
  25. ARRL Radio Frequency Design 1964
  26. Beam Antenna Handbook W6SAI 1955
  27. Practical Antenna Handbook - Joseph Carri - 1st Edition 1989
  28. 73 VHF Antenna Handbook 1963
  29. ARRL Packet: Speed, More Speed and Applications 1995
  30. The ARRL Antenna Book 1994
  31. The ARRL Handbook 2006
  32. Radio Shack Electronics Data Handbook 1986
  33. Radio Handbook by Willliam Orr, W6SAI 17th Edition 1967
  34. Ham Radio for Dummies 2004

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Lewis Countty Amateur Radio Groups and Activities (updated 01/22/2018)
We have a .pdf file with information, including contacts, about Amateur Radio groups and their activities in Lewis County. Email the webmaster if you know of a group or activity that is not listed.

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The Wilse Morgan WX7P Memorial ARRL Northwestern Division Scholarship
Summary More details

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